goodbye 2023 & hello 2024! a recap and what's in store for this year -

goodbye 2023 & hello 2024! a recap and what's in store for this year -

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Now that 2024 is well underway, I thought it would be fun to do a little pondering and show off some big plans for this year!

Last year was definitely an odd one for me - I actually only finished one pattern during 2023, definitely way down from my usual 7-10. Not that things weren't busy and exciting though, since the whole year seemed to be dedicated to the embroidered apparel we released! I think a little dormancy is a good thing once in a while (I'll spare you guys my garden-in-the-winter metaphors, haha!), especially since I've got more patterns than I know what to do with for this year. Having the jackets be the big superstars for last year was really illuminating too - I definitely realized how much i LOVE making outerwear!

Also, if you follow us on social media, you've probably seen the photos of us moving into our new office! Up until then, the business was really just run out of my house which was getting....not very convenient for anyone. Our new space is so wonderfully - sunny and so much roomier! My general hope is that now we won't have to rotate stock (like having only trousers and then only joggers because there just wasnt space for everything) and we'll be able to restock more often, so everyone has a better time grabbing what they like.

Thanks to the wonderful work of Kai Kwong we're starting this year off with some gorgeous new branding! To be honest, graphic design/branding design was never my strong point. I'm an illustrator by trade and would describe myself as VERY mediocre in the graphic design realm, so we've just never had strong branding, sadly! And on top of that, it feels like whenever i would sit down to try and figure something out, life would come by and knock the wind out of my sails - so the lack of branding would persist. The new look we have now is wonderful though, and i hope you guys enjoy it too! 

Besides a ton of new patterns, I really want to branch out into different categories of apparel this year! The big ones I'm working on so far are: Embroidered trench coats, cloaks, fair isle-style knit sweaters, sweatshirts and long-line knit cardigans!

I am definitely a nice-knit wear appreciator. I am ALSO a synthetic knit wear hater - i always end up feeling like im having an allergic reaction to the fibers. So, of course, im really thrilled to be experimenting with some 100% cotton knits! Very predictably, I went for the flashy option - "ugly christmas sweaters", morningwitch style. These are still being workshopped heavily!

The first samples were pretty nice but I had some quality concerns, so we're hoping to smooth those out with a different partner factory (that's been doing this for a few decades!). Right now the designs I have matching sweaters roughly planned for are: Velvet Night, Dark Jungle, Salamander Woods, Corvid. Also maybe Nocturne, Magnolia and Scarlet Garden. 

I know the embroidered sweaters were not ideal for people who were more sensitive to the stiffness or texture, so I'm hoping this will be a nice alternative! The sweater itself is also super soft and cozy, which is always very important. 

These sweaters don't have a definite timeline just yet - i might aim to release them in the late summer, so there's enough time to grab one before things start cooling down!

Also in the works - but in very early stages - are knit cardigans and dresses. These won't be the fair-isle style like the sweaters, but will also tie into existing patterns. I think i like the idea of the dress being a simplified repeating pattern, and the cardigan tying into it with a slightly darker bg and an even further simplified pattern! i'm aiming for these to be a lighter weight than the sweaters, so theyd be good for a cool-but-not-freezing season.

it sort of flew under the radar but the magnolia screenprinted tee that released last year seemed to be really well received! some of my very first shirts were screenprinted, so this style always had a really special place in my heart, haha. this year i plan to go full-tilt into sweatshirts (100% cotton, our own size chart) and tees done with this technique! Theyre a good alternative for those who like the themes we work with, but find the pattern apparel a little too busy. :)

Tees will have their own release around March, and sweatshirts will release not too long after that!

And now for one of the new garments i'm truly so excited about - the trench coats!! same materials are the bomber jackets, but way more dramatic. 

this first design - the Necromancer - is more or less done and going into production now! the only major change the final jackets will have is the back panel will be slightly elongated and held down with a button on the end for a better fit. It'll have a limited release first to test the waters, and, if things go well, the trench coats will definitely have a permanent spot in our roster with a few designs. 

These don't have a definite release just yet - it'll probably be somewhere around March/April, with really limited quantities to test the waters. If they do well, theyll return, with more designs too!

I've actually been wearing my sample constantly since i got it in the mail, and im so obsessed with it. Perfect weight for me, great for layering, and sturdy! (Not pictured here but the waist tie says memento mori on the back and i adore it.)

the cloaks sort of go hand in hand with the trench coats but ill save those for another day >:3c i'm waiting on a more or less final sample and i really want it to have its own spotlight! the cloaks just feel very special to me, theyre such a fun garment to wear. 

and speaking of spotlighting things, stay tuned for an update where i'll show off all of the patterns in the works for this year! theyll be split between the moth collection im aiming to release in the spring and a fall/winter collection. 

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