The Ephemera collection - spring release info + roundup

The Ephemera collection - spring release info + roundup

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With the spring ephemerals popping up and the dormant bugs flittering around again, I figured this would be the perfect time to do a roundup blog with a ton of release details! This includes...a concrete release date for part 1 and a rough release date for part 2!

This collection actually morphed out of a whole separate one i was working on last year - I kept adding more and more moth patterns to the lineup until, at some point, i figured they should really just have their own collection at the rate i was going. And so, named after the transient nature of the charismatic beauties featured in the collection, Ephemera was born!

Here are 5 out of 7 finished patterns that will make up Part 1 of the release. The other 2 (a redo of the twilight moth pattern and a new design featuring witch moths) will be finished & released for Part 2. 

Witch Hazel - featuring several silk moths, io moths, honeysuckle, and blooming witch hazel.

Sphinx & Thistle - several different hawkmoths, thistle and round-lobed hepatica.

Emerald Dream - Several different birdwing butterflies, emerald moths, brown cruiser butterflies, orange poppies and winterberry branches.

Sunshine Moths - a slight reimagining of the stunning comet moth family, with daisies and aster. This one is actually directly inspired by the old rug design i released a couple of years back!

Velvet Night - luna moths, rosy maple moths, pink lily of the valley and mums. While this one has technically been released on some apparel items already, it's technically a part of this collection!


So an initial disclaimer on this date - this will be a limited presale sort of release! This means that the quantities will be capped to match the amounts we have in production, but orders wouldn't ship right away.

While the above designs are currently in the production stages, they might be finished at different times since things take longer when the garment is more complex (like trousers or joggers). So fulfillment would begin somewhere around the end of May to mid June depending on the item. Once we get closer to the release date, i'll have a more concrete timeline for fulfillment! 

The contents of this release will include:

  • button downs ✶ 100% cotton, sizes xs-4xl
  • midi skirts ✶ 100% tencel, also using the new A-C sizing
  • trousers ✶ 97% cotton, 3% spandex, sizes xs-3xl
  • jogger pants ✶ stretchy 97% cotton, 3% spandex, sizes xs-3xl
  • tee shirts ✶ all new, really soft 100% cotton fabric! sizes small-4xl
  • new babydoll dresses ✶ same new fabric as the tees are getting, sizes small - 3xl
  • tencel bandanas + throw pillow cases

While this will be a presale, i do want to note that the plan is to ship not long after the May 18th date! I definitely want to get all of these items to you guys in time to enjoy the warm weather in them :)


The last 2 patterns i mentioned in the intro will release during this part (in all of the above printed garments) AND this is where the really exciting new apparel will debut! 


The Ugly Moth Holiday Sweater (tm) will debut in Part 2, 100% cotton and available in sizes small-3xl! Same size chart as the other sweaters we have made in the past.

The final pattern designs for all of the new knitwear items have been done for a while, and it's been a bit of a slow process to sample things and get them looking perfect! I don't have photos of the samples juuust yet but those should start arriving soon! 

(Actually a big part of the slow progress was switching factories to make sure the quality was consistently better, and then the factory had to purchase a whole new machine to be able to use the amount of colors i wanted. making apparel is a bit of a wild ride!)

A lot of the sampling process contains physical garments or pieces of garments that i use to check the artwork, thread quality, and color but it's not really suitable to show off. I truly can't wait until the more finalized samples start to arrive!

Besides the fair isle-style Velvet Knit sweater, here are the other pieces of this category. Theyre all made with the same 100% cotton thread - which, by the way, is incredibly soft and feels absolutely amazing.

I think this would be the oddest little addition to the collection so far - knit pants!! But knit as in, the way the sweaters/cardis/dresses are knit. While the reaction these had on social media was overall positive, i know a handful of people were definitely skeptical of the idea. While i won't be making these pants in a different material, i'm excited for you guys to try them out and give them a chance :) they'll have a palazzo pant sort of cut, elastic waist and removable waist tie. 

Next we have some cropped cardigans with (my favorite) bell sleeves!! The tie will also be removable/optional. I'm particularly excited to see them paired with the dresses and pants for a complete maximalist outfit, hehe. I actually ADORE bell sleeves - i really need to find another garment to incorporate them into sometime! 

I've already posted about the dresses but these are still in the works! Making a full finished sample was put on hold while the factory worked on nailing the pattern and i worked on selecting thread colors. But VERY soon, we will have photos!!


If you've been waiting to see more bomber jacket designs, rejoice! This collection will have 4 new ones - seen here are the Emerald Dream and Sunshine Moth designs. Velvet Night and Witch Hazel will also be included, and are being finished now. I'm particularly excited about the sunny yellow twill color i selected for the Witch Hazel design!

Emerald Dream will also be getting matching trench coat AND cloak designs - but ill keep these a surprise for now ;)

This collection will also include new sweatshirt designs! The above Witch's Garden sweatshirt will have it's own release in mid April (ill be making a blog post about this soon), but i wanted to talk a bit about the details for this new garment! It hasn't really gotten its own spotlight moment around some of the other new items i've been working on this year, but im super happy with them.

To begin with, this screen printed garment isn't made on a blank stock sweatshirt - I spent some time sampling different fabrics before i selected a really delightful french terry cotton with a brushed interior. If you're worried about the texture, i'm happy to say that it's very smooth on the outside and super soft on the inside - no rough pile or a 'catching' sensation on the skin here! 

The designs included will be - Emerald Dream, Witch Hazel, Velvet Night, Sphinx & Thistle and the new Twilight Moth design that hasnt been posted yet. 

I'll have more info and photos on everything soon! It's definitely been a bit of a whirlwind making a collection this large - it's like 5x bigger than any other ive ever done! The constant sampling and detail tracking has been more than a bit chaotic, but i truly cannot wait to see all of these pieces release and find their way to you guys!

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