Morningwitch Studio began, by absolute chance, in 2017/2018 while the founder, Polina, was still studying Illustration at Pratt Institute. At the tail end of an emotionally fraught 5 years and thoroughly burnt out from failed forays into first architecture and then concept art, a chance placement into a product design class changed the trajectory of Polina's life for good.

** under construction ** 


the founder & designer behind MWS.


order fulfillment extraordinaire.


resident stray cat.

while not technically a part of MWS operations day-to-day, andrea has been a deeply integral part of MWS since its inception - even accidentally naming the buisness when, in 2017, she gave polina, on the hunt for a new tumblr username, an old one she had saved.

since then andrea has been a pillar of support for MWS, even helping out with the occasional modeling! If you've ever visited us as a convention, you've definitely seen her there.

she loves the ocean and folktales, and in her spare time can definitely be found reading some kind of romance novel. andrea also has her own "sister" brand and does art as well! check her out below <3